Fire Drill & Staff Fire Training

Fire Drill & Staff Fire Training

Fire Drill Debrief


Fire Drill & Fire Training

29/08/2016 – Lighthouse Safety was proud to be working with Murwillumbah Services Club this week.  Murwillumbah Services Club provides food, entertainment, and employment to the local community.  Through staff training and commitment to quality Murwillumbah Services Club proved to be an excellent team.  They engaged in the training with enthusiasm and commitment.  Thanks again for having us and see you soon for some coffee!

Powder Extinguisher

22CO2 extinguishers are the go to extinguishers for Electrical or Fuel Fires.

Water Extinguisher

Remember – don’t use water extinguishers on Electrical Fires or Fuel Fires!11

Fire Training & Fire Drills

Lighthouse Safety supplies fire training and other services to Clubs and Hospitality Venues all up and down the east coast.  Give us a call for more information.